The light in me greets the light in you.

The ancient Yoga scripts are the basis of my teachings and they are written in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. They are translated into English and German which helps me personally to get the big picture of Yoga and its philosophy.

The word Yoga is rooted in the Sanskrit word ‘yui’ which can be translated to ‘connect’, thus the connection of body, mind and soul.

In my classes I support you to experience and sense the connection to your self. Yoga has the potential to make you feel connected and deeply touched (Nahata).

Therefore, I link the wisdom of the old scripts to modern research. This is why I value breathing exercises (Pranayama) and Meditation significantly. More about my values here.

By the way, in Yoga there is a guideline indicating that 99 % is practice and 1 % theory. In this spirit, sign up for the next class and I’ll see you on the mat soon!


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