I am Alexa. My love and passion is Yoga. I deeply care about people and I am a real traveler. I create love, self acceptance and balance in my own life every day and I teach others to do the same.

My love for Yoga started in Riga, Latvia, where I attended classes with a very experienced and gifted teacher – and I discovered how much energy Yoga gives me. I was going to Yoga classes exhausted after long work days, and I came out of the studio with a clear mind, feeling energized and content with myself and the world.

I never found a teacher in Germany whose classes satisfied me as much as the ones in Riga. So I decided to learn everything to create classes like this myself and started my journey as a Yoga teacher.

My personal Yoga practice and my classes are based on the Hatha Yoga tradition. I love to be inspired by other traditions and styles. I include the grounding and depth of Yin Yoga as well as the heating and intensity of Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga.

It is my heart’s desire to add value to my students’ Yoga practice, to encourage their learning and and growing and to create a safe space for their individual, personal experiences.

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